7 Useful Tips On How To Use Stash Boxes Properly For Your Weed

Every smoker eventually reaches a point in life where maintaining some kind of structure is absolutely necessary. A central location for all cannabis equipment makes it simple to keep track of everything and locate the correct tool when it's required, especially with all of the items and accessories that eventually seem to gather in your collection. Enter - the amazing stash box. 

A stash box can simply be a container for holding your weed and maybe some rolling papers and a lighter. However, with a little more planning and preparation, your cool stash box can become an epic toolkit that is tidy, accessible, and hidden from inquisitive eyes.

In the post below, we’re taking a look at what you need to make a great stash box and offering a cannabis stash box packing checklist to help you prepare your weed container and make sure everything is fresh and safe at all times. 


Why Do You Need a Stash Box?

Many of us spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on cannabis, and with the right storage, that priceless cannabis flower may stay as strong and fragrant as the day you got it. These days, many weed stash boxes come with a sleek design and dedicated compartments for grinders and pipes, and cannabis humidors are a growingly popular way to preserve the weed’s freshness

The Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology claims that, when stored correctly, cannabis can last up to two years. Creating an environment where your buds won't quickly deteriorate is essential for effective preservation. You need to keep the humidity and temperature at the right levels, as well as get rid of oxygen and UV radiation, and that’s exactly what a quality box provides. 

A good cannabis container also provides you with much-needed organization. Imagine wanting to get high but having to look around for the appropriate tool. With a quality stash box, you will rest easy because you’ll have everything you need, in one stylish spot, and ready to go at a moment's notice. 

Finally, a quality stash box is necessary as a safety precaution for those who have kids or pets or simply want to make sure that no one else in your home (roommates, siblings, parents, or even fellow tokers) touches your stash. 

How To Choose The Right Stash Box For You

Sure, you can use a toolbox, jewelry box, or shortbread cookie tin to keep things organized, but if you have a little extra cash, you might want to invest in something a little fancier and sturdier. Here are some options to help you find the right weed storage container:

  • Wooden stash box/humidor. Cannabis humidors are different from cigar humidors because cannabis nugs demand lower humidity than tobacco and the interior wood is made of mahogany versus cedar. Weed-specific humidors not only have a lovely appearance, but they will also maintain the ideal level of freshness for your weed without requiring you to use separate humidity control packs.
  • Metal stash box. Metal weed boxes have a refined appearance and are durable. They'll protect your stash from odors, keep out light, and withstand any knocks and dents.
  • Hard-sided stash box. These cannabis boxes will prevent your green from being destroyed and keep prying eyes away thanks to their strong edges and gasket seal technology.

7 Useful Tips On How To Use Stash Boxes Properly For Your Weed

The Ultimate Stash Box Checklist

What will you keep in your stash then? Your level of interest in the cannabis scene will determine the contents of the weed container. For instance, if you just enjoy rolling joints, your basic stash box setup will likely be rather simple: your stash, some papers, a lighter, and possibly a poking tool and some cones. Here is a list of potential equipment you should consider putting in your box: 


Your cannabis stash should be the first thing you put in your box. Whether it's bud, concentrate, or something else entirely, you should keep it safe by placing it in an airtight bag or storage container like a storage jar. Keeping concentrate separate is crucial because it can be rather greasy. To prevent mix-ups, we advise having distinct containers or sealable bags for each different cannabis product. 

Rolling Papers

The next step is to stock up on rolling papers. If you don't like the taste that weed leaves in your mouth, you might want to try flavored blunt wraps. And if you're really health conscious or want to make things easier, you should also want to include filters, cones, and crutches.  


Be sure to keep one or two lighters in your weed box because we all know how they always seem to vanish just when you need them the most. Make sure the lighter you add to the box is simple to use; you don't want to be fumbling with it.

Poking Tool

Any little, pointed object can be used as a poking tool, but if you want a stash box that is neatly arranged, you should think about investing in a poking tool that will do the job properly. This will prevent you from becoming annoyed and stressed out when rummaging through the house looking for a random object to use.


A quality grinder is essential if you want to get the most out of your stash. Choose a robust, portable instrument with a reliable, repeatable operation. The optimum material is typically stainless steel. 

Stash Box Extras

Include a bottle of eye drops in your weed stash box if you notice that the smoke is causing your eyes to feel dry and scratchy. You will get immediate relief, which will stop your eyes from becoming bloodshot.

Keeping some black peppercorns in your weed box is a smart strategy to combat paranoia. Cannabis users vouch for these when they need to temper an out-of-control high. When you might unexpectedly need a fresh smell, this relaxing spice will be within arm's reach.

You should also consider investing in a rolling tray for preparation and rolling, as well as a small pre-roll storage box to keep your pre-rolls safe. 


How to smell proof your weed stash box

How to Smell Proof Your Stash Box

Let’s face it, not all weed stash boxes on the market are odor-resistant and capable of keeping the smell of your stash under wraps. So, what can be done to camouflage the smell and keep your stash hidden? We have some ideas that work.

  • Airtight jars. You should store your supplies in a sealed container, such as one of our storage jars. These glass jars preserve the freshness of your flower while controlling the smell.
  • Baking soda. Baking soda has a remarkable ability to absorb smells. All you need to do is simply replace it every few weeks.
  • Coffee and tea. Fill a nylon stocking with coffee grounds or take a couple of tea bags and place them in your weed box to control the smell of your stash. 
  • Charcoal. Charcoal can absorb potent odors in addition to being used for a dazzling white grin. Just stuff a few into a small bag and hide it away in your weed box!
  • Essential oils. Use a small diffuser and your favorite essential oil in your box. Remember that a diffuser can be made out of a wide variety of materials, including cloth, wood, and stones.
  • Incense is a great way to bring a spicy aroma to your weed box. Just be aware that incense can be quite potent. When it comes to this smell proofing option, less is often more.

The Bottom Line

The time for keeping cannabis in haphazard cannabis storage boxes or bags is over. There are numerous stash box alternatives, so there is something to suit every preference or way of life.

As the contents differ from person to person, what you ultimately decide to keep in your weed box is a personal decision. A person who uses cannabis for therapeutic or medicinal purposes can have a box that is completely different than one used for recreational purposes.

What matters most is that everything is kept secure, accessible, and arranged in the stash box. This way, you can be sure that your cannabis is always fresh and ready for consumption.