Guide To Storing Cannabis: How To Choose A Top Quality Storage Box For Your Weed

Years ago, many of us kept our stash in a plastic baggie or hid the weed in old cigarette boxes. Some people repurposed old cookie tin containers. While these alternatives might do a great job of keeping the cannabis away from prying eyes, they aren’t efficient in maintaining the ideal relative humidity levels, preventing the aroma from permeating the container and prolonging the flower’s shelf life. 

 Guide To Storing Cannabis: How To Choose A Top Quality Storage Box For Your Weed

Photo by Roberto Valdivia on Unsplash

Fast forward to today, the market is flooded with different options for weed storage that can protect your stash. It’s essential to understand the types of storage boxes and the features that make a quality weed storage box. Our guide sheds light on all the key points and helps you to decide what weed storage box is the best one for you.  


Types Of Weed Storage Boxes

Nowadays, you can find numerous varieties of weed stash boxes. They are made of different materials and have different features. Here are some to consider:


Wooden stash box — If you want to store your weed like a pro, wooden stash boxes are generally considered the best option. Made of natural wood, these boxes have an elegant design and unique properties for cannabis protection.


Smell-proof weed box — This type of weed box storage features an airtight seal that keeps the weed’s aroma and freshness intact. Usually, the best material for smell-proof stash boxes is glass. 


Stash box with a lock — A weed stash box with a padlock or a combination lock will give you some much-needed peace of mind. Nowadays, you can even find cool stash boxes with biometric fingerprint locks. These storage solutions are ideal if you want to protect your stash from curious eyes.

 Stashbox with rolling trays

Stash box with rolling trays — This type of weed stash box has plenty of storage, thanks to the rolling trays and modular compartments. You can store your favorite strains and weed accessories to have everything handy whenever you want a smoke, just pop the rolling tray out, roll your joint neatly and smoke away.

Key Features Of a Quality Storage Box for Weed

A quality stash box should have sufficient space to store your strains and essential accessories. Usually, they have multiple compartments to enable simple organization. In addition to providing enough room, a quality storage box should have the following features:


Protect the weed from light and outside air — Light and oxygen are the two biggest enemies of cannabis. Exposure to light, especially the UV rays, is one of the main reasons why cannabis degrades. The UV rays turn THC into CBN, making the weed lose its potency. Oxygen accelerates the conversion of THC into CBN as well, which also causes the precious terpenes to oxidize and degrade, and the weed to lose its aroma, flavor, and potency. Therefore, most quality weed stash boxes are opaque to block light exposure and air-tight to prevent the oxygen from getting in. 


Seal the weed’s aroma — Sometimes, you may want to prevent other people from identifying the smell of your weed. Or, you maybe enjoy the weed’s aroma when smoking but still don’t want it to smell it 24/7. That’s why the finest cannabis stash boxes seal tightly and come with rubber seals, carbon filters, and other add-ons that make it unattainable for the aroma to permeate the contains. 


Maintain the proper humidity — Properly cured cannabis has a moisture content of about 10% to 12%. However, if the humidity level in your storage container is too high, it will increase the water amount that the weed absorbs. Over time, the cannabis buds will grow mold or mildew if the relative humidity is too high. On the other hand, if the relative humidity is too low the flower will dry out and eventually crumble. That being said, most boxes for weed don’t have a solution for maintaining the proper relative humidity (RH) level. However, they should have enough space to put a humidity pack inside. The other option is to invest in a cannabis humidor. Humidors are more expensive but will provide the perfect environment for your flowers while protecting them from the elements. Whatever you do, never keep your weed in cigar boxes. These humidors keep cigars at a humidity level that’s too high for cannabis and they are made of cedar, which has a spicy pungent smell that can alter the taste of your cannabis.

How To Pick The Right Weed Storage Box

Finding the correct weed storage box is largely dependent on your personal preferences. For some, having the option to lock the box is a top priority, whereas others would go for a high-end box with a rolling tray and various other add-ons. In general, it comes down to what you plan to keep in the container. Here’s a roundup of the items you may need so that you can decide what type of storage would work best for you:


Weed — Of course, the most important thing you’ll keep in the box is your weed. If you’re storing multiple strains, you’ll want to keep them in separate airtight glass jars to avert potential cross-contamination. In addition, you might need a stash box with removable containers or adjustable dividers that allow you to easily organize everything.


Rolling paper — Weed smokers ought to have rolling paper and a lighter at hand. You might also include filters, crutches, or cones in your box.  


Grinder — A grinder is used to crush the buds into smaller pieces. Grinding is required if you roll joints so you should have it in your kit. We recommend grinders that chop instead of smashing so you can have an even smoke, but grinders that smash are the most prevalent. 


Dabbers — Dabbers are portable tools that come in different sizes and forms. They are essential when using dab rigs as they help you manipulate the THC concentrate. 


Poking tools — Poking tools are indispensable in any avid cannabis connoisseur's stash box. You might need them to clear a blocked joint, remove any parts stuck in the grinder, or pop out a screen.  

Humidity pack — If you don’t want to splurge on a cannabis humidor, you’ll need Boveda packs in the jars of your weed stash box. These are essential to maintain the ideal relative humidity level and keep your contents fresh. 


Vape pen — There are vape pens with advanced designs and features that would fit nicely into your cannabis stash box kit. Invest in a device that offers temperature controls and has a powerful battery. 


The Bottom Line

Nowadays, cannabis lovers don’t need just weed, rolling paper, and a lighter. They also utilize dabbers, lighters, pokers, grinders, and multiple stash jars for different strains. Therefore, you need to step up from the good old plastic baggie and invest in a quality weed storage box. In addition to being the best way to keep your stash safe and organized, cannabis storage boxes are the ultimate way to protect your weed, keep it fresh, and carry it around easily.