How Can Weed Boxes Protect Your Cannabis

The quality of dried cannabis can be impacted by multiple factors such as light, moisture, temperature and oxygen. Exposure to any of these elements could cause the buds to change or lose their color, aroma, flavor and potency. So, if you want your weed to continuously provide the same experience and taste as the first time, you’ll have to preserve the components that provide those properties - its terpenes and cannabinoids. The best way to do this is to store your treasured items properly.  

Read on to discover how weed boxes can save your cannabis and why weed enthusiasts prefer them for cannabis storage.


How Can Weed Boxes Protect Your Cannabis

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Protection From Light And Oxygen

The main enemy of THC is light because it has the power to damage the biological material's atomic integrity by removing electrons from it. A 1976 study examined the stability of cannabis solutions stored under different conditions. After a two-year observation, the study discovered that exposure to any light causes loss of cannabinoids, especially in solutions. Another study revealed that cannabis loses up to 16% of its THC in the first year of storage. Exposing the weed to direct sunlight is especially bad as the UV rays break down organic matter and accelerate the transformation of THC to CBN, making the buds lose their potency. 

 Moreover, when cannabis is overexposed to oxygen, the key terpenes oxidize, having similar effects to those of light and warmth. The overall scent of the flower becomes unpleasant and grassy and the flower loses its potency. A complete lack of air, however, might also have detrimental effects because cannabis buds do need some amount of moisture. 

Using an opaque weed box for storage will prevent the light and air from getting to your weed, protecting the terpenes and cannabinoids and maintaining the freshness and quality of the flower.  

Controlling The Humidity

Before reaching your favorite cannabis dispensary, the weed goes through a procedure known as curing. Using this process, the grower dries the buds and then re-introduces moisture to them to make them smokeable. Although every grower will have a different curing procedure, the result is the same. When done correctly, the process guarantees that the cannabis will have a flavorful taste and aroma. The moisture content should be between 10% and 12% in order to be ready for packaging and distribution to dispensaries or online retailers. However, as soon as you buy your weed, it’s your responsibility to keep the buds fresh and ensure long shelf life. 

The amount of water the weed absorbs will rise if the humidity in your storage container is too high. As a result, the cannabis buds will develop mold or mildew over time. Smoking moldy weed may not have many negative consequences on healthy people. For instance, it may result in nausea, vomiting, and coughing. For people allergic to it or with underlying medical disorders, moldy weed can have more grave consequences such as severe headaches, wheezing, nasal congestion, and dizziness. Moreover, smoking moldy weed can spread infections and worsen lung diseases, making the users unwell. Smokers with weakened immune systems or lung conditions should avoid doing so at all costs.


While too much humidity can harm your health, too little moisture might result in dried-out flowers. As a result, their trichomes will become dry, making the bud brittle and possibly reducing the strength and aroma of the flower.


Most stash boxes for weed don’t come with humidity controllers but you can use VaporBeads inside to ensure you maintain the proper relative humidity. You can also consider investing in a cannabis humidor. Although this is a pricier option, it’s worth it. Not only can you rest assured that your weed will be kept in perfect condition, but you can store a large amount of weed and basic supplies such as high-quality grinders, rolling papers, and other smoking essentials.

Preserving The Aroma

The terpenes that give the cannabis products a distinct aroma are susceptible to damage by various external forces, leaving your buds tasting and smelling bland. These volatile molecules start to decay once your cannabis plants are harvested, but there are a few measures and advice you can take to stop the process—or at least delay it. As a result, your cannabis buds will have an extended shelf life, a more robust flavor and aroma, and even a more intense impact.


Keep in mind that not every box could do a good job in preserving the terpenes. It must have a reliable locking mechanism and be airtight. Additionally, you should avoid placing all the buds in one jar. Instead, let the buds breathe by just filling the jar halfway with the flowers. Get as many glass jars as you need if you have a large amount of weed.


Preserve Cannabis Aroma

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The Importance of Weed Boxes: The Bottom Line

When stored under the right conditions, your stash could last for up to two years. So if you’re a cannabis aficionado who buys a vast selection of flowers, investing in a quality weed box with extra smoking accessories such as rolling trays and flavored papers is a must. From high-end options to affordable prices, the selection of items for storing cannabis is vast.


Cannador offers some of the best stash boxes on the market. Featuring discreet packaging with an assortment of glass jars included, the box allows you to keep several different strains separate. That way, you’ll keep your cannabis at optimal temperature and humidity levels while protecting them from oxygen and harmful light. It’s the surefire way to ensure your buds stay fresh, aromatic, and potent for an extended period.


Finally, a word from the wise — when choosing from various cannabis boxes, don't just go for the one with the lowest price. Instead, choose a box based on your personal needs. And, most importantly, always keep in mind that premium products deserve premium care!