Cannabis Terpene Connoisseur in the Netherlands

One of our very good friends, Arthur Heine from Sensunique has a passion for cannabis like we do, and specifically cannabis terpenes. Over the years, he has been experimenting with adding various cannabis terpenes to beer and more recently wine. This is uncharted territory for vintners since, to his point in the video below, there's so many varieties of grapes as well as terpene combinations and they don't all taste well together. His objective is to identify cannabis terpenes, isolate them and then experiment if they pair well with certain grape varietals. No easy task, but we're pretty sure it's a fun one.

Below is a white wine he's working on and will be coming to a party near you (if you're in the Netherlands). 

We're jealous this isn't our job, but someone's got to do it and Arthur's among the few we're aware of who are taking the lead in the Netherlands!  

Courtesy of Sensunique on Vimeo.