How to use VaporBeads


Dip 1/3 to 1/2 the beads in distilled or reverse-osmosis water (horizontally so the bead case is upright like featured in the picture). The reason why we do not recommend using tap water or certain types of bottled water is because the minerals in the water will discolor the beads.


Shake off excess water and wipe it dry. You'll notice the dry, unsaturated side of the beads will begin to absorb the water from the saturated side. This is normal, so do not fully saturate the dry-side.


Place into your humidor and begin using. The VaporBeads will wick off moisture to the correct ratio until it drops to equilibrium at 50% RH. You can rehydrate the VaporBeads from step 1 once every 2-3 weeks, but do not constantly saturate or consistently keep wet as this can cause mold growth. With the VaporBeads, less is more!


  • Sometimes the wipe-down method (wiping a wet cloth on the inside of the humidor) shocks the wood and does not fully allow the wood to retain moisture. In this case, add a half filled shot glass of water into your humidor and let it sit idle for a week or until the water has fully evaporated. This method is a slower and sometimes more stable way to let your humidor acclimate to moisture.
  • Re-season your humidor after long-periods of inactivity. Sometimes you'll notice that your VaporBeads dry out very quickly in the humidor because the wood can become dry. The wood can act like a sponge and soak up all the moisture from the VaporBeads, so re-season the humidor so the wood does not absorb as much moisture from the VaporBeads.