Why Are Weed Storage Containers Important And How To Find The Best One

If you’re a regular cannabis user, you’ve probably felt the temptation to buy in bulk for that rare strain you enjoy, but in doing so you need to ensure it's stored properly to ensure it's fresh at a later time. If you store it in a clear plastic bag or even clear jar, you may notice over time that the color of the buds can fade or even turn a dull brown. This is the result of oxygen and light exposure—not storing your weed the right way is usually the primary reason for newly acquired weed to go bad and there are ways to mitigate this and ensure the cannabis retains it's flavor, aroma and color. 

To avoid this scenario, it’s essential to know the methods and techniques for proper long-term cannabis storage and why these methods are proven to be effective and while there are numerous ways in which you can successfully store your weed, nothing beats professional, airtight weed storage containers, which will be the focal point of this article. 


Why Do You Need A Weed Container? 

Your cured cannabis is a delicate cannabis flower that needs preserving and protecting, therefore, it’s vital to ensure that you’re proactively protecting your weed from adverse temperature and humidity and keeping it away from light and oxygen exposure to preserve the potency of your buds.    

All these elements can negatively impact the quality and flavor of your cannabis,  so by following good storing practices and purchasing one of the best weed storage containers available, you can store your buds for up to two years without degrading substantially. In fact, this is backed up by research released in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology which claims that cannabinoids can stay consistent for up to two years if stored properly. 

If you spend hundreds, if not thousands of euros on high-quality weed each year, it really doesn't make sense to skimp on a professional weed storage container to maintain your weed and keep your product fresh at all times. Such cannabis storage solutions will help keep your buds at their recommended relative humidity, and keep them away from direct light and heat. Ultimately, oxygen, UV rays, humidity, and temperature are the four factors that impact cannabis quality the most.

How To Choose The Right Weed Storage Container

Now that you know the external threats that may damage your flower and have the answer for how long does weed last in storage if adequately kept, you will probably start wondering how to find and choose the suitable weed storage container for your needs and wants. 

While there are literally hundreds of “stash box” solutions available, you should definitely take your time, assess your actual storage needs, and finally choose something that will get the job done every single time. There are weed storage containers made from all kinds of materials on the market, including wood, glass, clay, and metal, and all of those can get the job done, but are there any key features of a storage container you should look closer into?

The Key Features Of A Storage Container

You can quickly narrow the field by focusing on the following criteria and features that need to be met by the product you’re getting. Here are the key features that you want to have with your brand new weed storage unit: 

  • An airtight seal is a must. If the container of your choosing is not entirely airtight, don’t even bother to spend your money. Any container that allows the entrance of oxygen will damage your buds. All top-quality containers come with a rubber or silicone gasket that can guarantee that your weed doesn’t get exposed to air. 
  • Getting the right-sized container is essential. Just as it would be a mistake to purchase an oversized apartment if you’re living alone, it would also be a mistake to buy the largest stash box you can find on the market. Using a big container to hold a small amount of cannabis can leave too much air in the container, so think about the size before purchasing one. 
  • It needs to offer light protection. Preferably, you’ll place your weed storage container in a cupboard or in your desk drawer to keep it away from direct sunlight. However, if you’re the type of person that leaves your container out, please ensure that your weed storage unit is made from UV-resistant material.
  • Get a container that will keep the aroma inside. While you’re reading the specifications of your shortlisted storage containers, don’t just assume that every single one of them is odor-proof and able to keep the aroma of your buds. If you share the roof with other family members, especially kids, the last thing you need is the weed smell wafting throughout the house.

That being said, what if we tell you that there’s a weed storing solution called a cannabis humidor, that checks all the boxes from above. But we’ll get to our cannabis humidors in this article sooner rather than later. Whatever you do, do not store your product in a Ziploc bag, as it will definitely reduce its potency and kill the aroma. 

Cannador weed storage

Photo from Cannador

The Best Weed Storage Container Solution: Cannador’s Weed Humidors

Now that you know the key features that your future cannabis stash box should possess, it is a good time to consider using a professional cannabis humidor to stash your product and keep it fresh over time. Cannador's weed storage containers are unique humidors that maintain consistent humidity levels when managed appropriately.

Nevertheless, while we sell weed-specific humidors that are perfect for maintaining the freshness and quality of your buds, you should know that not all humidors are made equal nor represent the ideal solution to serve as your go-to stash box. In that context, tobacco and cigar humidors are a big no for stashing and keeping your cannabis fresh. In addition, these humidors are commonly made with cedarwood, which can negatively affect the smell and flavor of your fresh buds. 

On the other hand, our professional cannabis-only humidors are made with mahogany. They are tightly sealed on their edges, so you can rest easy knowing that no unwanted smell will ever leak. Depending on your wants and needs, most of our humidors also come with a built in nook or drawer for your accouterments like vapes or grinders. You can go with a model that comes with two keys to ensure that nobody ever will touch your weed without your permission or knowledge.

Weed storage

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When it comes to picking the right-sized humidor, as we mentioned before, it really all comes down to your needs and how much weed and different strains of buds you intend to keep inside. For example, if you purchase smaller amounts of weed and replenish your stock regularly, you can go with a smaller-sized Cannador that can hold between 15 and 30 grams of weed at all times. Conversely, suppose you're a consumer who wants to keep more significant amounts of weed and different strains of buds simultaneously. In that case, you can go with the six or the nine-strain Cannador that will complement your lifestyle perfectly. 

All Cannador humidors come with specialized, weed-friendly glass jars or cups with adjustable ventilated airtight lids, rewritable strain labels that you can use to write the strain's name and the date you've bought it, keys for security, and optionally a hygrometer to measure the humidity of your stash box. All in all, if you want to keep and maintain your product like a pro, there isn’t a better product to assist your effort than a professional, easily transportable cannabis humidor.

The Bottom Line

In the end, if you plan on securely storing your weed stash for a more extended period of time, it’s wise to consider investing in a proper weed storage container to keep your buds fresh and tasty. Doing so will preserve the weed’s taste, smell, and potency. 

Professional weed storage containers like Cannador’s cannabis humidors will also ensure that your stash’s odor doesn’t escape from the wooden box and fill your home. In addition, the best cannabis storage options will keep your buds at the ideal temperature and humidity levels, protect them from harmful UV rays and ensure that oxygen will not come in their way. 

If you’re a profound weed lover and spend a lot of money on product each year, you should definitely take the next step towards protecting your investment and purchase a professional cannabis humidor to make your life easier and more practical.